Ashlin Associates’ comprehensive services help clients achieve their bottom line objectives through best practices in leadership, organizational design and development, and human resources.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching provides leaders a focused and deliberate strategy that generates practical actions based on sound, repeatable, and professional behaviors. Each individual leader is coached towards excellence in leadership, based on a specific context and customized measures.

Executive and leadership coaching tools include personality and behavioral assessments, 360-degree assessments, shadowing, and interviews with key stakeholders.
Our coaches have coached and advised thousands of leaders to enhance their performance and careers. From CEO’s and members of Boards of Directors, to new supervisors and managers, our skilled and diverse coaches have achieved positive measurable results with their coaching clients.

Some of our coaches are multi-lingual and affect positive results with local and global organizations of all sizes – from start-ups to multi-billion dollar global corporations.

We demonstrate strong positive correlations between our coaching and your investment in your leaders!

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Leadership Programs & Team Building

Leadership seminars and workshops are customized to meet clients’ specific needs. We facilitate leadership excellence through a customized process and learning strategy that provides pragmatic, real-time, and individualized approaches for leaders to reach their peak.

We develop a leadership development process and program that encourages coaching of leaders, using customized tools and techniques, to perform at their best and to achieve the highest results in keeping with the vision and competencies of their organization.

Examples of workshops are:
Your Echo From The Top – Leadership That Resonates

A multi-part program on historical leadership theory, current trends, and universal best practices as they relate to key leadership behaviors. Includes academic and real-world anecdotes of the tactical do’s and don’ts for excellent leadership, along with practical methods for applying these theories in the everyday world.

Self-Awareness – A Fundamental Attribute of Excellent Leadership
In this seminar, participant will:
  • Understand their own behavioral design and Emotional Quotient, or Intelligence (EQ).
  • Recognize, understand, and appreciate others’ behavioral designs.
  • Learn to adapt for enhanced communication, understanding, and relationships.
  • Recognize “People Reading” four factors: Tone of Voice, Body Language, Words, and Pace.
Relationship Management: “Leveraging Networking Tools to Enhance Your Relationships and Career”
A highly-interactive event that integrates adult learning principles through:
  • Formal presentation
  • Interactive exercises
  • Role playing
Participants learn to:
  • Understand the importance and significance of internal networking.
  • Relate to the positive correlation between relationship management and a successful career.
  • Apply networking tools and techniques to a multitude of professional settings.
Leading with Purpose and Passion ®

An interactive two-day training course that will give your leaders an understanding of how to create and maintain a healthy culture of trust, respect and values within your organization. This program combines proven, historical and forgotten principles of leadership with a modern and global perspective. The workshop incorporates a Workplace Big 5 assessment tool for all participants.

Multiple Generations in the Workplace
Customized workshop addresses:
  • Managing through several generations in the workplace.
  • Recognizing differences and similarities.
  • Addressing issues of accountability, motivation, and a high performance culture.
Other customized seminars and workshops include the following topics:
  • It’s all about results! Or is it?
  • Act with Confidence – Even When You’re Petrified
  • So You Have A Vision? Implement it!
  • Create Followership to Become an Excellent Leader
  • Team Playing

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Organizational Design, Development, and Analysis

Succession Planning

Succession planning begins with robust high-potential identification and sound retention strategies.

  • Strategic management
  • Employee training and development
  • Equipping the organization for present and future talent needs
  • Organizational structure and job design
  • Ongoing performance and productivity initiatives
  • Identification of high potential employees through assessments and observations
  • Development Planning
Culture Change Management and Cultural Transformation
  • Assessment of the organization’s leadership needs, employee development activities, corporate culture, and leadership/behavioral competencies.
  • Culture surveys that check the pulse of the organization and employee engagement
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Customized, coherent, and systematic culture change roadmap to help the organization’s reputation management, employee retention, and to ensure that the right people are retained, developed, and nurtured in their careers within the organization.
Competency Development

Competency models are foundational to all levels of talent development, from initial recruiting through selection, retention, on-boarding, training, career planning, and succession planning.

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Human Resources

Best Practices In Recruitment and Retention
Attracting the best in a challenging labor market calls for:
  • “Best Hiring Practices” seminars for hiring managers and their recruiters
  • Assessment of hiring practices and strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of organizational leadership competencies
Employee Relations
Enhancing the workplace environment through positive employee and management relations, we help clients implement:
  • Fair employment practices
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Counseling and termination procedures
  • Performance Management
  • Diversity Best Practices
Compensations and Benefits
Developing and ensuring competitive retention strategies is critical in:
  • Incentive and bonus plans
  • Salary administration
  • Executive compensation
  • Benefits planning and design
  • Benefits administration and compliance

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A sample of our many assessment tools:

TTI Success Insights®

Interacting effectively with a variety of people marks the difference between success and failure. Effective interper­sonal interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The TTI Success Insights® report gives executives and managers a greater knowledge of themselves and others, leading to enhanced performance.


DISC is the universal language of observable human behavior, or “how we act.” The assessment tool measures individuals’ behaviors and how they communicate. With the knowledge of DISC, individuals can learn to understand and appreciate their behavior style, and then adapt their style in communicating with others.

The DISC assessment accurately measures four dimensions of behavior, which are associated with a behavioral style:

  • Dominance – How one responds to problems and challenges.
  • Influence – How one influences others to his/her point of view.
  • Steadiness – How one responds to the pace of the environment.
  • Compliance – How one responds to rules and procedures.

The results of the DISC assessment reveal an individual’s high and low placement in each of the four dimensions that make up their unique natural and adapted behavioral styles.

Emotional Quotient (EQ)

The TTI Emotional Quotient® assessment measures an individual’s emotional intelligence with an online questionnaire that is immediately analyzed to produce a report with detailed information about the individual’s Emotional Quotient score. The higher the score in the report is, the higher the level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Quotient is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. In the business environment, Emotional Quotient is important because it helps you leverage your awareness of emotions for effectiveness in the workplace.

TTI Success Insights® Team

Improving Team Communication – The most effective teams have members who understand themselves, as well as each other. The TTI Success Insights® Team Behavioral Report not only defines team dynamics, but also guides team members to leverage behavioral knowledge for increased success.

360-Degree Assessment

360-degree assessments produce a rich feedback report complete with profiles, narratives, strategic implications, and developmental opportunities. Because the feedback is based on behaviors, change and improvement efforts are realistic and tangible.


Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder (CSF) is a web-based assessment that identifies a person’s strengths as opposed to concentrating on areas of weakness. According to Gallup, “when people understand and apply their strengths, the effect on their lives and work is transformational and are six (6) times more likely to be engaged in their work and three (3) times more likely to say they have an excellent quality of life.”

The intent behind this assessment is to identify and build on the areas where a person’s greatest potential exists to grow, excel and succeed. Gallup research proves that individuals succeed when they focus on what they do best.

The CSF assessment results in:

  • Revealing an individual’s 34 strengths.
  • Providing an in-depth analysis of their top 5 strengths.
  • Identifying their dominant talents for future development.

These strengths are clustered into the following categories:

  1. Executing
  2. Influencing
  3. Relationship Building
  4. Strategic Thinking

From this analysis, we work together with individuals and organizations to build upon their unique combination of talents and strengths.

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