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Why “Feedback” Doesn’t Get Results

There are occasions when individuals fall short of expectations. Maybe it’s a direct report who does not execute clearly established objectives. Maybe it’s a co-worker who disregards deadlines. Maybe it’s a teammate who pursues his or her own goals, rather than agreed-upon team goals. How do you respond to these situations? And more important, as […]

Diplomacy In The Office and At The Dinner Table

Successfully navigating tricky political issues in an organization requires the same skill needed to successfully navigate this season’s onslaught of holiday dinners and family gatherings – diplomacy. I recently coached an executive facing difficult organizational issues. Drawing on considerable interpersonal skills, he had to maintain excellent relationships with diverse constituents, while delivering absolute and defined […]

Competition: Healthy or Destructive?

The president of a high-growth and successful service company recently confided that two of his top executives were not getting along. “They speak badly of each other to me, behind each other’s backs,” he said.  “They can pretend to get along in meetings, but when they’re with me one-on-one, they throw digs at each other. They […]

How Culture Affects Leadership. And Visa Versa

I think we all would agree that corporate culture – a system of shared beliefs and values that influence “the way we do things around here” – influences every workplace. A positive and desirable corporate culture is highly beneficial – not just to morale and productivity, but also to recruiting, achieving long-term goals, and successfully […]

Lessons in Leadership – In 15 Minutes or Less

A client company recently conducted a comprehensive executive leadership program, consisting of a full year of seminars, pod work, capstone projects, and one-on-one coaching. To celebrate the program completion, the client asked me to address the participants. I was honored, but there was an unexpected hitch – I was scheduled to speak for 15 minutes. […]

Resolve Now to Check Your Corporate Vision

Consider a world without vision (or sight). How would you feel? Fearful? Confused? Reticent? Confined? Of course you would – and the same is true for a business without vision. In an organization without a clearly expressed and clearly understood vision, it is only natural that team members fall short of expectations. They are operating, […]

5 Essentials of Great Organizational Culture

I’ve been mentoring millennials recently as they graduate from college and look for jobs. I’m proud of them — they are receiving generous offers from their prospective employers. But these intelligent upcoming professionals are looking for more than competitive salaries. They are also intently studying potential employers’ cultures before considering any offers. At the same […]

Want To Be A Successful Leader? Be a Builder.

You have power. A lot. No matter who or where you are in your organization, you have the power to make or break someone — with your words, insinuations, and behavior. I recently completed a 360-degree interview process on a coaching client who is already a great leader of people. As I sought feedback on […]

Trained to Trust

Two different organizations recently asked if I could “train” their respective leaders to trust each other within their organizations – and I certainly understood why it was so important to them. “Trust” is essential to “teamwork.” However, “training” one person to trust another isn’t so straightforward. “Trust” cannot be assigned, required, or taught. Trust must […]

Know Yourself!

Self-awareness is the first step in identifying ways your behavior might impact your organization. Introspection and openness to change go hand-in-hand with self-awareness. Often, feedback is needed to enhance your ability to be more aware of negative behavior, and the process always begins with you. In essence: You might think that self-awareness simply means that […]

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