Consider a world without vision (or sight). How would you feel? Fearful? Confused? Reticent? Confined?

Of course you would – and the same is true for a business without vision. In an organization without a clearly expressed and clearly understood vision, it is only natural that team members fall short of expectations. They are operating, if you will, in the dark.


In the wake of this severe economic downturn, many of our client companies are struggling with “vision.” After struggling to meet short-term goals and adjusting to market changes and shareholder pressures, some have lost their focus. They have lost their vision.

Vision is fundamental to excellent leadership. Strong leaders can clearly articulate their vision for their team, for their company, and then, consistently repeat and clarify that vision until everyone “gets it.” The most successful leaders not only create a “shared vision,” but they also model how to use that “vision,” looking beyond what appear to be pressing problems, to keep their eyes – and the eyes of their team — on the prize.

“A great vision is inspiring. It gets everyone excited to come to work.”

For this reason alone, as a leader, you have the responsibility to lift the fog, reduce blurriness, and paint a compelling picture of your organization going forward. The same holds true if you are a leader in your field, or lead a project or task force.


Make 2014 the year you take control of your own vision. Look ahead. See into the future. Articulate your vision, share your vision, and then, implement a strategy to reach your compelling vision.

Note that your vision must also be strategically sound. After all, you have to have a reasonable shot at getting there. Thomas Edson wittingly stated, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”


And be sure to include others in the process. Your goal is to create a “shared” vision around which everyone on the team can rally. Complete the visioning process, and you’ll have a clearly articulated end for your organization—something that won’t change every time the market or your mood shifts.