I was talking to a coaching client — an internationally renowned healthcare leader — on the phone a few days ago. As you’d expect, we ended up talking about coronavirus.

Something he said really struck me, “With all the work we have to do, and the crises in our halls and in our hospitals,” he said pointedly, “It’s hard to concentrate on leadership principles.”

I understood what he meant, but I wanted to point out that it is precisely during times of crises, fear, and uncertainty that leaders must manifest excellent behaviors! Without proper leadership, we have chaos.

Now, more than ever, leadership is critical. Even as we work with extreme urgency under extreme pressure, we would all do well to remember:

Communication is key.

As a leader, your ability to wield influence is dependent on your ability to inspire and motivate. An effective leader’s communication has clarity, frequency, compassion, and shared objectives.

Leadership is not about you.

Leadership is about others. Your role is to be a servant leader, positively influencing others, removing barriers, and making it easier for them to navigate their jobs and accomplish their goals.

The best leaders exhibit self-control.

You are tired, you are performing under stress, and you have no patience for the trivial. Even so, it is imperative that, as a leader, you exercise self-control when you actually want to blow up or crumble.

Take care of yourself.

I know. It’s hard to take care of yourself when you are in a frenzy. But you must. You can’t take care of your work and other people, if you don’t also take care of your own physical and emotional needs.

Stay strong, stay resilient, and stay safe. Now is the time to lead the way.

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