Do you dislike giving constructive feedback?

Do you dread “correcting” individuals or teams? 

Accountability and positivity go hand in hand. Effective leaders from every industry use positive accountability to empower employees, teams, and cross-functional groups. Learn how to implement these techniques to foster a positive accountability culture, sustain high performance, and boost your effectiveness as a leader.

This customizable positive accountability and culture workshop combines organizational psychology with practical applications for optimizing your team’s dynamics. Participants will explore how emotional intelligence, leadership, professionalism, and adaptation trends relate to a positive work environment.

Based on the recently published book 5 Actions of Positive Accountability – How to Build and Lead a Positive Culture for Peak Results by Paulette Ashlin and John Kello, PhD, this workshop will cover:

  • The three common mistakes of accountability
  • The 5 Actions of Positive Accountability
  • Applications of Positive Accountability
  • How to implement accountability with no authority (for cross-functional projects)
  • Providing constructive feedback in a positive manner
  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • Role playing
  • Concrete DOs and DON’Ts for team dynamics

This workshop is perfect for leaders and individual contributors who must influence others directly or indirectly.

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