Are you clear? I mean are you clear on what is expected of you or . . . if you’re the one setting expectations for others, are you clear about what you expect and how you’re going to measure it? Many people, at all levels – from individual contributors to CEOs and Boards of Directors – still struggle with accountability.

Accountability is a multi-action process – if you neglect one of the actions, you erode its effectiveness. The first action in the 5 ACTIONS OF POSITIVE ACCOUNTABILITY model is #1:

Anticipate (Communicate your clear expectations and think through what you anticipate).

How? By:

  • Preparing for a positive, supportive goal-setting conversation.
  • Ensuring that goals align with the organization’s objectives and are achievable.
  • Presenting goals in an interactive, collaborative way, with as much input as possible.
  • Including metrics – how and when you are going to measure goal attainment.

Remember to include qualitative measures, not just quantitative. Yes, quality and BEHAVIORS are sometimes hard to measure, but they are crucial to success.

From the book, 5 Actions of Positive Accountability – How to Build and Lead a Positive Culture for Peak Results.  By Paulette Ashlin and John Kello, PhD.


5 Actions of Positive Accountability

Accountability can and should be a positive experience! This book shows you how. 5 Actions of Positive Accountability will help transform you and your culture to set fair expectations, minimize unsatisfactory performance, and deal constructively with consequences.
Leading: The Way – Behaviors that Drive Success 
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