I got my hair done recently and, as I sat, I listened to the banter of stylists and clients. So much of it revolved around self-improvement. You might think, “Well, of course — you were in a hair salon!” But interestingly, the banter paralleled discussions I have had with my clients recently: discussions on leadership and self-improvement.

Whether in the salon chair or the boardroom chair, we are looking to unlock our true potential… our leadership “glow-up,” so to speak. So, it begs to question, do you need a leadership make-over? Consider the following checklist for improving, or maintaining, excellent leadership skills:

  • You communicate clearly and often.
  • You adapt to your different audiences and constituents so you can influence them more effectively.
  • You encourage others’ self-development and make recommendations for their improvement (books, seminars, podcasts).
  • You exercise self-control by controlling your moods and disruptive impulses.
  • You know what others are thinking and anticipate their behaviors.
  • You ask for feedback on your performance, strengths, and weaknesses because we all have blind spots.

The best leaders, in every culture and every industry, are continuous and humble learners who conduct a “well-check” and execute a “make-over,” as needed. It is through their unwavering commitment to constant learning and their willingness to adapt that the best leaders emerge as true champions of growth and success, shaping the future with each step they take.

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