As summer nears its end I hope everyone was able to enjoy some time off, indulge in some fun, and enjoy some well-deserved time with friends and family. A friend and former client of mine, Preston Fay, sent me some pictures of his summer adventures, a fishing expedition. He’s a good fisherman and an even better leader. I couldn’t help but think, “What leadership parallels can you draw from fishing?” So, I asked him. And his answer turned into a surprising and informative exchange.. can you relate (even if you don’t fish)?

In both fishing and leadership, success often requires a combination of skill, knowledge, adaptability, and effective interpersonal relationships. By recognizing these parallels, leaders can draw inspiration from unexpected sources and apply valuable lessons to their leadership practices.

Persistence & Patience: Just as fishing needs patience and persistence to wait for the right moment to catch a fish, a leader must be patient and persistent when working toward their goals. Leadership often involves navigating challenges and setbacks with a determined attitude.

Strategy: Fishing requires planning — where to cast the line, what bait to use, and when to reel in. Likewise, a leader must develop strategic plans, set clear goals, and make informed decisions to guide their team or organization in the right direction.

Vision: Fishing techniques and tools evolve over time, and successful fishing requires learning and adapting. Similarly, effective leaders engage in ongoing learning and development to stay relevant and enhance their leadership skills.

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